Teak Tree | You Must Know About Teak Tree

By | December 23, 2020

Teak Tree | You Must Know About Teak Tree

Teak Tree.Teak is a species of tree in the equatorial and tropical regions and the wood of this tree. Its scientific name is Tectona grandis. The wood of this tree is tough, and teak wood is preferred for making furniture. Teak Cultivation – In our country, teak trees are cut down in large numbers, due to which the number of these trees in the forest is now deficient. As the wood quality of this tree is excellent, its demand in the market is increasing. Because its wood does not decay quickly or it does not catch worms. Not only that, this wood is not damaged by water. Due to which its wood is mostly used for making furniture, plywood, etc.

Teak is native to South and Southeast Asia, especially India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Malaysia. However, this tree is now found in different countries globally and is cultivated on a commercial basis, notably in Africa and the Caribbean. One-third of the world’s teak wood supplies come from Myanmar. Teak is a large deciduous or deciduous plant that is more common in hardwood algae. Teak is small in flower shape, white in color, and fragrant and large in leaf shape with small scales on the back.

Teak Tree Description:

 Teak is a large deciduous plant that grows up to 40 m in height. The stems are gray or gray-brown in color. The leaves are very ovate and quite broad in the middle, 15–45 cm in length. (5.9–18.8 inches) and 6–23 cm wide. (3.1–9.1 inches). The leaves are attached to the stem by stiff shoots, and the shoots are 2–4 cm long. 

(0.6–1.8 inches). The edges of the leaves are equal. The fragrant white flowers are 25–40 cm long. Tall and 30 cm. Scattered in clusters from June to August. The fruits ripen and fall from the tree in October-November. A result contains only one seed. For seedlings to germinate from seed, the seeds need to be repeatedly soaked in water and dried in the sun.

Teak Tree Planting place:

Segun’s native place in Myanmar. This tree was first planted in 181 at Kaptai in Chittagong. 

Later, from 183, teak was planted in Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts, and Sylhet forests. At present, it is being planted almost everywhere in the country as a high-quality timber tree. Teak is the best among furniture making and commercial trees. Flood-free highlands where rainwater does not stand should be used for planting teak. However, teak grows best in fast-draining alluvial soils where there is a combination of limestone and igneous rocks.

Shoot several features of the teak tree:

  1. Extensive use of teak oil. It is used to stimulate hair growth. Also, irritated skin is lubricated with this oil, especially after insect bites. This oil soothes the skin and reduces itching.
  2. The roots and flowers of the tree are used to treat infectious diseases of the urethra. They are also used to treat nausea and bronchitis.
  3. Treatment of skin ulcers as well as fungal diseases. The leaves have antibacterial properties, so they are often used to treat skin diseases.
  4. Stabilize the menstrual cycle. The dried leaves are made as tea and are used in cases of menstrual irregularities.
  5. Treatment of bleeding. The dried powder from the leaves is used in the form of tea leaves.


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