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By | September 2, 2020

Save tree – Save Trees Save Earth:-

Trees produce oxygen which is the lifeline of all living things. In the scorching summer we usually plan to travel to the hills. But if the rate of tree felling remains the same, we do not have enough trees to plan the trip, the amount of seasonal rainfall and fresh oxygen will no longer be available. Trees help clean the air, soil and water, making the earth a beautiful habitable place. Living close to trees makes us healthier and happier. Time to save trees, protect forests and spread awareness. If you want to save trees, you can help protect the trees that grow around your home and plant more trees. Also reduce the use of paper products. With our little understanding we’ve got a few ways to protect trees, you can follow them, inspire your friends and family members to come together to save your beautiful family, or join an organization working to preserve traces around your home town.Trees clean the air, soil and water, making the earth a livable place. These are so integral to human well-being that living near trees makes us healthier and happier. If you want to save trees, you can help by protecting the trees growing in your own neighborhood and planting more trees if you see the trees being cut down. Efficient use of paper products is also important. If you are really interested in conserving trees, consider joining an organization that works to conserve the rest of the world’s forests.


What can you do to save the tree:-

Talk about saving trees instead of cutting them down. Get together with someone else who cares about tree conservation in your area and make it clear that you are objecting to cutting down healthy trees. Even if there are no laws against felling trees, if enough people think trees are important and need to be protected, you will probably be able to make a difference. Even if it is too late for this particular tree, you will set a precedent for the next time. Here are some things you can do: city Write a letter of objection to your city forester or city council member. Policies Launch an application to change the policy or protect certain trees. Neighbors involved in the conservation of neighboring trees. Engage the media by sending a letter to the editor or by contacting a local TV station.


Take part in tree planting:-

As important as it is to protect mature trees, think ahead and plant new ones that will ultimately contribute to the tent, help clean the air and keep the temperature cool. Many cities and towns have friendly tree-like organizations in Portland, Oregon, [5] working to plant trees in areas where there are very few. If your city or town doesn’t have a similar organization, why start yourself? Tree by tree, you can make a difference. Plant The type of tree you plant is important. Talk to any arborists which species are native to your area and they will eventually get enough to clean the air and water. Small, ornamental trees will not contribute much. Buying trees can be expensive. See if there are any nurseries nearby that can share your opinion about the tree and give your group a discount on baby trees.


Reduce the use of paper:-

Reducing the use of your paper products to preserve trees may seem abstract, since you never see trees turn into items like paper towels and napkins, but it’s important to start looking at the connection between the plants you like and the products you use, since Trees where cut, processed, bleached and pressed in the form of tissues can be used to blow the nose. If you are interested in tree preservation, look for ways to use less paper products in your daily life. Use paper towels instead of paper towels. This is a common change that can reduce a lot of unnecessary waste. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. They are, however, more elegant. Use a handkerchief instead of tissue. It may become a bit of a habit, but the handkerchiefs are actually softer than the tissues on your skin, so you may prefer these. Use reusable containers instead of paper lunch bags. If you must have used a paper product, always buy the reusable version. At least you know it’s not made from virgin decor. Choose paperless options for bills. This simple switch will make your life less chaotic and reduce the number of dead trees on your conscience. If you still receive paper bills sent to your home, go online and switch to the paperless option. You can choose to receive bill payment notifications via email without checking mail.

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Save the remaining forest:-

Forests in Brazil, Russia, Canada and other parts of the world are being cut down or burned by forest fires every day. Every year 78 million acres of rain forest are damaged. Scientists estimate that if deforestation continues at this rate, forests will lose 60 to 90 percent of their rainfall by 2020. Since forests play an important role in keeping our planet healthy, stopping their destruction may not happen anytime soon. Most forests are destroyed by forest fires to provide space for agriculture or development, to supply timber to paper products, or to increase the intensity since the onset of global warming. Preserving fore forest can certainly be a global endeavor, but you can do something to contribute without having to live anywhere near rain forests. Share your love for trees and forests with other people. Showing your caregivers on your trees is a great way to get other people to start taking action as well. Many people do not easily understand how important old growth forests are for the health of the planet, including the human population on the planet. The more people understand and take care, the more likely it is that destructive habits will stop. Spread the word social on social media. When you see a story about the forest kingdom of the earth, share what you think about it and encourage others to comment. • Show that your belief in standing up for the tree is something that makes it clear that saving the tree seems valuable to you, you will act as a role model to others.


Essay on Save Trees:-

Reese is one of the main creations of Mother Nature and preserving the trees. Saving trees means saving your life one more day. People nowadays barely care about the source of oxygen but trees only provide oxygen Trees they are a peaceful expression of scenery and life. In addition to being the mother and home of many birds and animals, trees are meant to meet human needs by providing oxygen, not wood.

Destroying trees can give you the experience of living a luxurious life, but aristocratic life will not help if you do not have oxygen to breathe in the days to come. People understand the importance of tree conservation and this environment should be developed as a better place to live. We need to stop cutting down trees as soon as possible without paying attention to the purpose. Although no one understands the difficulties of cutting down trees, it must be noted that cutting down trees leads to a higher concentration of CO2, which is a carbon dioxide-greenhouse gas.

The higher the concentration of CO2 in our environment, the greater the risk of climate pollution and destruction. Trees succeed in capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They make oxygen which is very important to us. Therefore, no matter how difficult the situation, the tree must be protected and preserved.

Trees are being used to make a variety of products, such as furniture, construction, paper, firewood, etc. Among the uses of different trees, it is widely used to make different types of paper. We can’t live without paperwork, and a lot of trees are being cut down for that purpose without any planning or reintroduction. If you can save paperwork, you are saving trees directly. We need to limit the use of paper or reuse it so that we can save trees.

Similarly, at every step of life, where we can sometimes use alternative products instead of wood, then we should promote it which will again contribute to the preservation of trees.


Below are some effective steps that will help you protect the environment of trees and the earth:

i. We must discover the causes of tree destruction in certain areas and investigate whether it was necessary to destroy the tree for reasons such as planting on dead, broken, contaminated or unsuitable sites.

ii. We need to unite in our society with our neighbors and take some necessary steps to save the trees.

iii. If someone is removing trees without permission, we must make the public aware of this and take some necessary steps to preserve the trees.

iv. If the trees are removed for any reason, we may contact some non-profit organization or local government to certify replanting in the same area.