Ashoka Tree | You Must Know About Ashoka Tree

By | December 21, 2020


Ashoka Tree | You Must Know About Ashoka Tree

Ashoka tree can be seen almost everywhere in our country. It is a tree of the Indian subcontinent. Ashoka tree is planted in many places because of its beautiful leaves and flowers. The leaves are about 15 cm in lanceolate length. Another characteristic of this tree is that its bark is not smooth, but it has many medicinal properties. Ashoka is a medium-sized tree. Its flowers are small and clustered. They are beautiful orange and red. Another species is found whose flowers are yellow. The flowers bloom in spring-like Palash. The fame of this native tree of ours is ancient. Ashoka is called miserable.

Swarna Ashoka :
When you hear the name Swarna Ashoka, you think of the golden colour. Ashoka is a rare flower. It has no other local words. Flowers in autumn and winter. Place of birth: Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka. Among the many types of Ashoka found in our country, the Golden Ashoka is quite attractive and at the same time rare. The flower is bright golden and is called Swarna Ashok. The trees are medium-sized. The stems are dark in colour. The stalks are upward and stiff. However, the leaves of the golden Ashoka are slightly larger than those of the other Ashoka.

Ashoka Tree Description 

Ashoka is a medium-sized evergreen tree. The colour of their leaves is dark-green. The leaves are long, broad and lanceolate. The leaves are soft, supple, drooping and tan. The primary flowering season is spring. However, it can be seen blooming till autumn. However, they bloom in small numbers, even in winter.
Ashoka flowers bloom from tree trunks.
The flowers are small in size, but multicoloured, large in the shape of a fungus-shaped bud. Asokamanjari, a collection of innumerable flowers, is fragrant and attractive in colour and shape. Fresh flowers are orange, but stale flowers are red.

From Ashoka, there are two other types of Ashoka trees in India and in Bangladesh called Ashoka and Golden Ashoka. There is a species of Ashoka whose fruit colour is yellow. Its scientific name is Saraca thaipingensis.
Many people plant the Ashoka tree for the beauty of flowers. However, it has many benefits that many of us are unaware of. Ashoka bark is used as an ayurvedic ingredient. It has many medicinal properties. It relieves dry cold and pain. It tastes bitter and bitter.
Ashoka has several qualities :
1) Relieves any pain in the body and provides energy. 2) Anthelmintics help prevent bloating and cleanse the blood.
3) Abortion, eliminates various uterine diseases.
4) Removes harmful toxins from the body.
5) Eliminates the problem of allergies.
6) Inflammation in urine reduces abdominal pain and pile bleeding.
7) Reduces the risk of heart disease.
8) Ashoka flower extract mixed with a little water is beneficial in preventing diarrhea or bleeding during diarrhea.


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